Nikon Z7
I was part of the team at Baked Studios to help launch Nikon's most powerful camera that delivers a superb image quality through an amalgamation of it's compact mirror-less body and high-res sensor.
The Task: To create a cinematic animation with layers of abstract elements to highlight the key feature of the Z7 camera which is the mirror-less sensor while motivating the audience's excitement through an artistic world captured by Nikon.
The Process: Utilizing powerful video cards, the team started assembling a storyboard with fully rendered frames while exploring exciting looks and elements in real-time to add depth to the shots using Cinema 4D and Octane.
The Result: A journey of light through an ominous universe that drives pixels of colors and motion to create the perfect image.

Creative Director: Chris Hoffman
Producer: Chad Feeback
Art Direction, Design and Animation.
Made at Baked Studios.